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  • PM Network

    The blame game

    By Fister Gale, Sarah Fingerpointing is a frequent occurrence on failed projects. But blaming others for overruns and delays only impedes efforts to successfully resolve a project's challenges. This article examines how…

  • PM Network

    The buck stops here

    By Kent, Simon One of the most significant factors to project success--along with understanding project scope--is understanding project accountability: Only when all team members--including project managers and…

  • PM Network

    Empowered teams

    By Hellinghausen, Mary Ann | Douglas, P. C. Teams are more than randomly assembled employees, and teamwork is more than pooling employees' skills. In order to be fully implemented and successful, empowered teams require seven key factors to…

  • PM Network

    Managing the engineering process

    By Colt, William J. Team spirit and unity areinvaluable components of successful project management. Project Team Effectiveness (PTE) workshops provide ways to build trust and cooperation among stakeholders, enhance…

  • PM Network

    Celebration as a productivity tool

    By Casey, Inge P. When a large defense contractor won the award of a major project worth about 3.4 billion dollars, the combination of official and private celebration by the project team lasted three days.

  • Project Management Journal

    The $2,000 hour member content locked

    By Cooper, Kenneth G. Most development projects fail to meet their time and cost targets. Traditional managerial responses to time delays and cost overruns have been to increase overtime, pressure individuals to produce…

  • Project Management Journal

    Perceptions on partnering in the public sector member content locked

    By Sanders, Steve R. | Moore, Mary M. Project partnering helps to build a united team with a common goal, which in turn improves quality, reduces costs, and increases efficiency.The Mobile District of the Army Corp of Engineers…

  • Project Management Journal

    Project partnering member content locked

    By Cowan, Charles | Gray, Clifford F. | Larson, Erik W. Project partnering is a viable option to the traditional adversarial approach to the contractor/owner relationship in project management.Originally a spin-off of the Total Quality movement,…

  • PM Network

    Multi-Discipline Teams

    By King, C. G. Over the past decade, multi-discipline teams have successfully handled numerous projects at Boeing. A multi-discipline team is a group of individuals with the common goal of developing a specific…

  • Project Management Journal

    Partnering member content locked

    By Moore, Carl C. | Mosley, Donald C. | Slagle, Michelle Project partnering may be a solution to the traditional adversarial relationship between owner and contractor. Partnering allows both sides to form common goals and objectives, and create a trusting…