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  • Regenera América Photo

    Regenera América

    Looking to offset its environmental footprint, Latin America’s biggest e-commerce player aims to restore the region’s most endangered biomes.

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    China Roars Back

    China's rebound is real—and it's accelerating a burst of project activity. With the rest of the world mired in a pandemic-induced recession, China's GDP rose 2.3 percentlast year—the only major…

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    Climate Complexity Meets Innovation

    Mitigating the climate crisis will require bold, ambitious initiatives—and project teams willing to grapple with complexity and uncertainty. These five promising projects could point toward the…

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    Fixing Flaws

    By Scott, Lindsay, Project recruitment professional, Lindsay Scott, gives advice on improving organizational effectiveness, overcoming a poor performance review, and sharing outside interests on a résumé.

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    Fintech Reckoning

    By Fister Gale, Sarah, Fintech adoption rates among consumers have nearly doubled every two years since 2015—and the pace only accelerated during the pandemic. As people in lockdown turned to their smartphones and…

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    Retail Reinvention

    Retailers are amping up the tech innovation—making their first moves toward what they hope is a brick-and-mortar revival. As many as 10,000 stores in the United States alone could close by the end…

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    Antidote for Isolation

    By Smits, Karen, For all the resilience project professionals have shown during the pandemic, the exacerbation of workplace isolation has been real—and I've experienced it through my work with several organizations…

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    Mandate for Tomorrow

    Like no other country in the world, Wales is planning ahead. Six years after the Welsh government passed the Well-being of Future Generations Act, it's reshaping how projects align with everything…

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    Accessible Space

    Space is about to become much more accessible. Through its parastronaut feasibility project, the European Space Agency (ESA) will work with its U.S. and Russian partners to make space missions more…

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    The Next Agile Awakening

    By Parsi, Novid, During the all-hands, anything-goes disruption of the global pandemic, agile has been both a reinforcement and a revelation. Teams already immersed in agile found ways to elevate it amid distributed…