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    A Sharper Vision

    By Fister Gale, Sarah The 2018 PMO of the Year Award finalists prove that all organizations—in all sectors—can benefit from a more strategic focus. One finalist is an Australian telecommunications giant. Another offers…

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    Amila Aluthwala, PMI-RMP, PMP

    PM Network interviews Amila Aluthwala, PMI-RMP, PMP, Senior manager—network implementation at Mobitel Pvt Ltd., Colombo, Sri Lanka, in the telecommunications industry.

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    Stronger Connections

    By Jones, Tegan Latin America has come online in full force over the last decade—and Chile has emerged as its digital frontrunner. Nearly 4 in 5 adults can access the internet, and 65 percent own a smartphone—more…

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    The proactive portfolio

    By Alderton, Matt Forging into uncharted territory is a risky endeavor. But in a rapidly changing business environment, standing still comes with risks of its own. Big name brands such as Blockbuster, Atari and…

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    Starting out right

    By Bertsche, Rachel Starting Out Right profiles four early-career project managers who share how they began their careers, offering practical insights from the front lines. Through volunteering, attending and…

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    A boost for South Africa

    By Alderton, Matt The European Union's Infrastructure Investment Programme for South Africa (IIPSA) endeavors to address South Africa's backlog of infrastructure development in transportation, energy,…

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    By Dillow, Clay Tanzania's steady economic growth is poised to surge in the coming years with massive development in the country's energy, telecommunications, and tourism sectors. Investment in projects tapping the…

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    By Radhakrishnan, Rekha India's surge of economic growth has met with a recent slowdown, particularly stalled infrastructure projects, due to delays caused by government bureaucracy. However, the country's middle-class…

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    Taking responsibility

    By Alderton, Matt To ensure that corporate social responsibility initiatives (CSRs) benefit both the targeted cause and the sponsoring organization, sustainability programs need the right metrics. A cosmetics company…

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    Comply or die

    By Fretty, Peter From finance to healthcare to telecommunications, the already long list of compliance regulations keeps growing. And each time a new rule or restriction is added, the project teams and organizations…