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    Can agile project management be adopted by industries other than software development? member content locked

    By Conforto, Edivandro Carlos | Salum, Fabian | Amaral, Daniel C. | da Silva, Sergio Luis | Magnanini de Almeida, Luis Fernando This research paper presents evidence from an exploratory survey on the use of agile project management (APM) practices and the presence of APM enablers in 19 medium- and large-sized companies from…

  • Project Management Journal

    Evaluating an agile method for planning and controlling innovative projects member content locked

    By Conforto, Edivandro Carlos | Amaral, Daniel Capaldo This article presents an extensive investigation carried out in two technology-based companies of the S~ao Carlos technological pole in Brazil. Based on this multiple case study and literature…

  • Project Management Journal

    Duck alignment theory member content locked

    By Lidow, Derek Most project management texts and training programs imply that any project can be successful as long as certain guidelines for defining, planning, and implementing the project are followed. I have a…