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    Strategies for improving codes of ethics implementation in construction organizations member content locked

    By Oladinrin, Olugbenga T | Ho Man Fong, Christabel It is necessary to reconsider the assumptions upon which the process of implementing compliance and ethical programs rests, in both theoretical and practical terms. These assumptions should hinge on…

  • PM Network

    Great aspirations

    By Somani, Sheilina Attending to the aspirations of your team members fosters understanding and communication, both inside and outside the project context, says Sheila Somani, PMP, who encourages project managers to…

  • Project Management Journal

    Stakeholders' attributes, behaviors, and decision-making strategies in construction projects member content locked

    By Yang, Rebecca J. | Wang, Yaowu | Jin, Xiao-Hua Project managers need to make decisions on how to balance competing claims between the different stakeholders in projects. Previous studies have suggested that the choice of decision-making…

  • PM Network

    Trust funds

    By Somani, Sheilina Trust exists in multiple dimensions and perceptions. Making judicious choices on where to place trust boundaries protects your personal and professional life and emotional well-being. This article…

  • Project Management Journal

    The interrelationship of governance, trust, and ethics in temporary organizations member content locked

    By Müller, Ralf | Andersen, Erling S. | Kvalnes, Øyvind | Shao, Jingting | Sankaran, Shankar | Turner, J. Rodney This study investigates the variety of ethical decisions of project managers and their impact from corporate governance and project governance structures. The roles of personal trust and system…

  • PM Network

    The honest truth

    By Somani, Sheilina Balancing personal needs against those of fiscal prudence is more challenging in this time of protracted economic instability and financial stress, which often results with those employed reluctant…

  • PM Network

    Common ground

    By Toledo, Roberto When you travel to another country, for either business or pleasure, your values, beliefs and manners sometimes come into question by locals. You might even find your personal concept of right and…

  • PM Network

    Going against the grain

    By Starke, Steven Often the project manager's focus is to execute to the best of his or her ability according to the charter, which puts project managers in the best position to go against the grain and recommend a…

  • PM Network

    Are you ethical?

    By Molette, Hannah | Ruffa, Michela | Surrett, Sonya | Mongold, Geraldine | Leisegang, Mike Being ethical is challenging at times. This article features five project professionals discussing ethics in project management. Each person describes ethics as it relates to his or her organization…

  • PM Network

    Justify the means

    By Fister Gale, Sarah Organizations have long viewed social responsibility projects as both investments in promoting a positive image and in improving the quality of their work and community environments. But the recent…