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    Trust, but verify

    By Hearns, Cillin Having a good project management structure in place provides assurance that professional project managers deliver when they have the freedom to exercise their skills and experience. This article…

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    Modern civics

    By Al-Maghraby, Rania Technology has advanced the quality of human life in innumerable ways. One of the most prominent and emerging ways is the streamlining of government bureaucracy. This article looks at how technology…

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    Adapting to the times

    By Thiry, Michel Today's organizations are significantly shaped by the legislation created to regulate corporate behavior. Unfortunately, many organizations--in their effort to comply with the government rules--have…

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    Under contract

    By Jedd, Marcia Project management's rise in prominence within the corporate world has encouraged organizations to rethink the nature of project contracts. Based on the white paper "An ounce of prevention . . .…

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    Taming the IT jungle

    By Ecochard, Jean Louis Creating a project-oriented work environment can benefit organizations in numerous and often immeasurable ways. This article--authored by the vice president and chief information officer (CIO) of…

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    Reality check

    By Thiry, Michel Because an increasing number of top-level executives are now praising project management as a tool for generating significant competitive advantages, numerous organizations are subsequently…

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    Owning up

    By Greengard, Samuel Being accountable requires more responsibility than only answering for one's actions. It also involves understanding one's role and abiding by a set of common standards. This paper discusses how…

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    Top management governance

    By Knutson, Joan In discussing the role that project governance committees should play within organizations and to project teams, the author outlines several governing policy areas that some firms use to govern…

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    The upper hand

    By Pollitzer, Elizabeth | Wells, Jan | Treasure, Brenda | Sacks, Ruth | dos Santos, Margareth, Fabiola PM Network asked five female managers about the progress of women in the global workplace. 'Start your own business,' was the best career advice Elizabeth Pollitzer ever received; she went on to…

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    Constructive negotiation

    By Fairweather, Virginia Construction projects often are confronted with growing costs and schedule delays. In order to deal with these various problems, the contractor and owner must agree on what they are responsible for…