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    Fast-Forward member content locked

    By Patra, Priya Project management practitioner, Priya Patra, offers predictions on what to expect in the project management space 15 years from now (2033).

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    Eye on the Size member content locked

    PM Network interviews Yael Costi, Director, Global PMO at Trax, Tel Aviv, Israel.

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    Data's New Digs member content locked

    By Fister Gale, Sarah The world runs on data, exponentially growing amounts of data. It all has to live somewhere, so tech giants and internet service providers are launching projects to build massive new facilities.…

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    On the Move member content locked

    By Parsi, Novid The auto industry is on the precipice of major change. Organizations are backing big tech projects in four key areas: autonomous driving, internet-connected systems, electric vehicles, and car and…

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    Space Invaders member content locked

    By Fister Gale, Sarah NASA and others in the global aerospace sector are ramping up efforts to return to the moon — 46 years after the U.S. space agency last sent a team for a lunar walk. But a new generation of…

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    Making Waves member content locked

    It's a truly clean slate. At least, that's the thinking behind seasteading—the idea of building floating cities in international waters to allow residents to design societies and governments from…

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    Pedal Power member content locked

    By Ali, Ambreen So many bicycles, not enough parking. That's the problem for cities across the Netherlands, where cycling is a way of life, with 1 in 4 people riding bikes to work. Pedal power is even greater in…

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    Unfamiliar Territory member content locked

    By Rockwood, Kate Size and agility don't always go hand in hand, but it's precisely the combination that large organizations need to become disrupters in today's fast-changing business environment. That's why some of…

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    Appetite for Change registered user content locked

    By Rockwood, Kate The grocery industry is stocking up for the digital future. Large chains and tech startups alike are transforming the shopping experience by launching innovative projects to expand online…

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    Financial Frenemies registered user content locked

    By Parsi, Novid Established financial services organizations are launching fintech innovation projects—and deciding to work directly with competitors.


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