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    Erasing Boundaries

    By Khelifi, Yasmina As more projects have a global scope and scale, it's increasingly common for project professionals to manage stakeholders around the world, juggling time zones, technologies, languages and other…

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    Fast Forward

    Organizations and their teams will have to adapt—and quickly—if they want to maintain their competitive advantage, according to PMI's latest Pulse of the Profession®.

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    Avanço rápido

    As organizações e suas equipes terão que se adaptar — e rapidamente — se quiserem manter sua vantagem competitiva, de acordo com as informações do mais recente relatório Pulse of the Profession® do…

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    Futuro próximo

    Las organizaciones y sus equipos tendrán que adaptarse, y rápidamente, si quieren mantener su ventaja competitiva, según el último Pulse of the Profession ® de PMI.

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    Desfazer fronteiras

    By Khelifi, Yasmina À medida que um número maior de projetos ganha escopo e escala globais, fica cada vez mais comum profissionais de projeto gerenciarem partes interessadas em todo o mundo, fazendo malabarismos com…

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    Sin fronteras

    By Khelifi, Yasmina Amedida que aumentan los proyectos de alcance y escala mundial, es más frecuente que los profesionales de proyecto trabajen con interesados de todo el mundo, para lo cual deben considerar las zonas…

  • PMI Pulse of the Profession 2020

    Pulse of the Profession 2020

    Are you future ready? Our Pulse of the Profession® research shows that organizations that prioritize maturing their delivery capabilities enjoy more successful outcomes.

  • Pulse of the Profession

    Ahead of the Curve

    By PMI Call it disruption—or just the new normal. At a time of extraordinary change driven by new technologies, executive leaders from across business, government and nonprofit organizations know that…

  • Project Management Journal

    Project Is as Project Does member content locked

    By Salovaara, Perttu | Savolainen, Jussi | Ropo, Arja The purpose of the article is to further develop the processual approach in project management theorizing. The article introduces Gadamer's (2004) play ontology as a novel perspective used to…

  • PM Network

    Pressure Relief

    PM Network queries the project management community on ways to reduce workplace stress.