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  • Ground rules for a high performing team member content open

    By Stuart, Andy In today's rapidly changing business environment teams are required to react quickly to change in order for companies to stay competitive and be more relevant in the marketplace. The agility of…

  • Is it a team? A working group? Or just a co-located collection of people? member content open

    By Rogers, Thomas This paper considers a reason outside of the project manager for challenged or failed projects: the lack of a project team. As a chef's cooking is only as good as his or her ingredients, a project…

  • Information contingencies in the virtual teams of global new product development projects member content open

    By Lohikoski, Päivi | Kujala, Jaakko | Haapasalo, Harri | Ala-Mursula, Leena Virtual teams are increasingly common in global businesses, and it is easy to establish a team of experts located across the globe, collaborating by email, tele- and web-conferencing, and other…

  • A typology framework for virtual project teams member content open

    By Ludden, Padhraic | Ledwith, Ann In the modern work environment, the need for organizations and people to work on a global level has increased. Today, the team as a grouping of co-located people working for a common purpose is no…

  • Increase project team effectiveness member content open

    By Banister-Hazama, Deb | Moreci, John | England, Kenric The adage that project management is both science and art is true. Project manager (PM) effectiveness hinges on the "right" combination of experience, knowledge, leadership, and soft skills. Team…

  • Motivational triggers in projects member content open

    By Wallström, Henrik | Ridderheim, Ylva | Påhlson, Erik | Åkesson, Erik | Landgren, Hanna The existence or absence of motivation among project members can determine whether or not a project succeeds or fails. Establishing and maintaining motivation, however, are difficult tasks for…

  • Dealing with the edge of chaos using emotional, cultural and spiritual intelligence member content open

    By Langosco, Max Often challenging, complex projects are limited, and locked into corporate processes and procedures that simply do not fit the scale, the complexity, or the other challenges being faced. This paper…

  • The project manager as team coach member content open

    By Woods, Juanita | Abdon, Pamela Coaching is a widely recognized business management skill today, with business leaders focusing on coaching their direct reports to success. Coaching can be a valuable tool in the toolkit of a…

  • Nurturing human nature in projects (it's all psychobabble rap to me) member content open

    By Kinser, John | Kinser, Samantha Too often project management is viewed as a clockwork mechanism: wind it up and watch it run! Project managers attend to the nuts and bolts of tools and techniques when the undeniable fact is that…

  • Predicting team performance based on past individual achievements using artificial neural networks member content open

    By Hedberg, Fredrik | Granqvist, Ida | Nilsson, Emma | Skjutar, Kristin | Torstensson, Patrik Ever since the Roman Empire, groups have been composed, compared, and contrasted based on individual performance. However, which are the key determinants of group performance? Is it possible to…