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    Head in the clouds

    By Hildebrand, Carol Business opportunities are similar to cloud formations: Each atmospheric change alters the speed, density, and scale of clouds. This article describes how cloud computing is helping companies and…

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    A sporting chance

    By Toledo, Roberto After years spent working to become one the world's largest economies, Brazil is now preparing to implement two impressive projects: Preparing to host two of the world's largest sporting events--the…

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    Everyday impact

    By Toledo, Roberto As part of Chilean President Michelle Bachelet's iniatitive to attract major sporting events to this South American country, the government pursued and was awarded--in mid-2007--the right to host…

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    Terminal velocity

    By Wheatley, Malcolm Terminal 1 at London's Heathrow Airport accommodates nearly 20 million international travelers annually. Although the cramped forty-year-old structure has been altered to comply with more stringent…

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    Road warriors

    By Greengard, Samuel Megaprojects are common in today's technologically advanced world. In Latin America, there is one megaproject now nearing completion that makes most megaprojects seem small by comparison. This…

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    The big time

    By Fister Gale, Sarah Managing a mega-project is a difficult endeavor during any economic period. But in today's global climate of economic crisis, it is especially important that project managers deliver mega-projects…

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    Sea change

    By Hildebrand, Carol The United States Coast Guard and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have long attempted to improve their performance in preventing non-natives from illegally entering the country. To support…

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    Berlin, Germany

    By Swanson, Sandra A. In the nearly twenty years since the Berlin Wall fell, and East and West Berlin united as one city for the first time since the end of World War II, the German capital has emerged as Europe's…

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    It's a mega world

    By Jones, Tegan Mega-projects are highly coveted assignments that only the best obtain. Implementing a mega-project demands a high level of leadership excellence in both managing a mega-project's inherent cost…

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    Bigger isn't always better

    By Ladika, Susan Sometimes, when managing a complex project, a project manager would do well to organize a small group of project professionals who possess the capability to work closely together. This paper…