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    Energized teams

    By Nelson, Bob Although the importance of teamwork in business has often been emphasized, too little is known about how energized teams are created and maintained. Gathering examples from such diverse…

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    Virtually international

    By Dodson, William R. Globalized team efforts are becoming more commonplace, and cultural sensitivity is becoming a requisite for managers of virtual teams. Among the cultural considerations that project managers should…

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    Project teams

    By Dewhirst, H. Dudley Teamwork is integral to modern project management, but not all teams are equally productive. This article explores the differences between high- and low-productivity teams by posing some basic…

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    Invisible idiots?

    By Sullivan, John “Off site, out of mind” is today’s translation of the old expression. To keep your remote-office team members on the home team, follow these guidelines.

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    Managing the engineering process

    By Colt, William J. Team spirit and unity areinvaluable components of successful project management. Project Team Effectiveness (PTE) workshops provide ways to build trust and cooperation among stakeholders, enhance…

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    By Cabanis-Brewin, Jeannette Discussions about diversity that only look at obvious differences like gender and ethnicity run the danger of simplifying the issue and polarizing people. Diversity training often has this narrow…

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    Hearing every voice

    By Cherbeneau, Jeanne Valuing and managing workforce and project team diversity can positively affect an organization's success in today's competitive, global economy. This article discusses ways that project managers…

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    We have seen the future and it is self-managed

    By Moravec, Milan | Johannessen, Odd | Hjelmas, Thor A. Once project management was largely a matter of project documentation and control, but as organizations are gradually abandoning hierarchical structures and rigid functions, a new era of…

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    Developing a team charter

    By Knutson, Joan You are correct. The title does not say Corporate Charter or Department Charter or even Project Charter, but Team Charter. This article takes the concept of a “charter” down to the team level.

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    The fourth constraint: relationships

    By Volckmann, Russ Relationships affect time, cost, and quality; any trade-off on the quality of relationships will eventually surface elsewhere in the project. Isn’t it time we gave this critical factor its due in…