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  • PM Network

    Hidden in plain sight

    By Swanson, Sandra A. In May 2014, Google revealed that only 17 percent of its global tech workforce is female. What are companies doing to attract and retain this vast pool of untapped project management talent? "Hidden…

  • Project Management Journal

    MBTI personality types of project managers and their success member content locked

    By Cohen, Yuval | Ornoy, Hana | Keren, Baruch This paper describes a survey of 280 project managers that reveals both their Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) personality traits and their success in project management. The paper uses the…

  • PM Network

    Women working upward

    By AlSherif, Jihan | Jonsson, Katarina Despite some progress in addressing gender inequality for project professionals, sometimes women find that there are still major hurdles to overcome. This article features two female project…

  • PM Network

    A healing place

    By Hjerpe, Heidi For a group of women in Rwanda, brickmaking is more than just an industrial skill. It is a way to help build a much-needed community center. This article examines how Women for Women International…

  • PM Network

    Is tech sexist?

    By Rice, Ashley Kotik | Ferle, Maja Are women still a step behind their male counterparts when working in the IT world? This article features two female project professionals debating whether gender discrimination exists in the field.…

  • PM Network

    Gift of life

    By Ma, Susie Swaziland in Southern Africa has the highest rate of HIV infections in the world. Among pregnant women, it is 42 percent. This article discusses how a not-for-profit organization planned a project…

  • Project Management Journal

    An exploratory study of gender in project management member content locked

    By Henderson, Linda S. | Stackman, Richard W. In decades past, project management was primarily a male-dominated discipline. But over the past decade, women have increasingly gained prominence--as practitioners, scholars, and teachers--and are…

  • PM Network

    Equal ground?

    By Burba, Donovan Despite two decades of integrating female workers into the corporate structure, project management--like most fields of employment--still struggles to eliminate gender-related discrimination. This…

  • PM Network

    Everyday impact

    By Toledo, Roberto As part of Chilean President Michelle Bachelet's iniatitive to attract major sporting events to this South American country, the government pursued and was awarded--in mid-2007--the right to host…

  • PM Network

    Reality check

    By Fister Gale, Sarah Decades have passed since the United States and the United Kingdom enacted laws requiring equal pay for women. Yet questions linger over how things play out in the real world. The IT industry is no…