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  • PM Network

    Do the right thing

    By Fister Gale, Sarah Acting ethically is often much more difficult than project managers generally acknowledge. And many times, the structure and politics of the project manager's employer nd clients can push a project…

  • PM Network

    Owning up

    By Greengard, Samuel Being accountable requires more responsibility than only answering for one's actions. It also involves understanding one's role and abiding by a set of common standards. This paper discusses how…

  • PM Network

    Modern ethics

    By Bouley, Jeffrey During recent years, news organizations around the world have reported on the transgressions of numerous high-profile corporate scandals. Such unethical behavior has driven several important…

  • PM Network

    Doing well by doing good

    By Hildebrand, Carol South Africa is a country long-beseiged by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. This article examines how one South African business--Standard Bank--has implemented an health and testing program to educate its…

  • Leadership in Project Management (PM Network)


    Often, today's business world pushes so hard for results that people lose sight of their actions and the implications of their leadership. Within government or industry, high ethical standards are…

  • PM Network

    Your mother was right

    By Baker, Bud Ethical professional practice is the foundation to building a successful career and generating significant respect. But when professionals act in ways that betray the authority and responsibility…

  • PM Network

    Your best asset

    By Bucero, Alfonso Professional credibility is earned, not freely given. And for project managers, professional credibility--the respect and trust they earn from their peers, superiors, and clients--is essential for…

  • PM Network

    Think big

    By Zavileysky, Mikhail In order for businesses to realize substantial benefits from using project management, the organization's leaders must embrace the discipline's tools and techniques and establish a company-wide…

  • PM Network

    Degrees of trust

    By Logue, Ann C. Organizations thrive or die as a result of the decisions devised by its employees. Such decisions also provide a snapshot for understanding the ethical behavior endorsed by an organization's culture…

  • PM Network

    The price of authority

    By Foti, Ross Although authority is often equated with decision-making power, executives and project managers need to better understand how accountability is related to their scope of responsibility. Executives…