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    Chemical reaction

    By Howlett, Sarah Protzman The war on chemical warfare isn't over yet, but the end is getting closer. In 1997, 192 countries and territories signed the Chemical Weapons Convention treaty, which banned chemical warfare. The…

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    No simple matter

    By Burba, Donovan Organizational complexity builds an intricate web of dependencies that can snare even the most experienced project leader. It introduces uncertainty and adds layers of risk that slow progress and…

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    Mine sweepers

    By Couch, Christina From tunnel collapses to fires, mining accidents are tragically frequent. But the cleanup projects that follow the end of mining operations, even if decades later, are proving to be fraught with…

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    Data under lock and key

    By Schomer, Stephanie Project teams are responding to the heightened pressure to defend the security of data centers. "Data Under Lock and Key" explores some of the security features involved in such projects from two U…

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    Mission critical

    By Alderton, Matt The Ebola outbreak of December 2013 has spurred numerous initiatives in the healthcare sector. Three case studies spotlight projects responding to public health crises in an increasingly…

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    Defying the Odds

    By Jackson II, Keith Holding more than 220,000 aging and decaying weapons containing 7.4 million pounds (34 million kilograms) of VX, sarin and mustard gases, the Umatilla Chemical Agent Disposal Facility (Hermiston, OR…

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    Keeping chaos out of complexity

    By Swanson, Sandra A. Ambiguity is a part of every project. Pinning down the knowns and anticipating the unknowns starts in the planning stages and should be standard operating procedure every step of the way. As the…

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    Monumental feats

    By Allen, Kevin Museums have the ability to educate and inspire visitors and to brighten a city's cultural landscape. However, when building a museum, project teams have several obstacles to overcome. Usually that…

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    Urban sensibility

    By Swanson, Sandra A. Many of the world's cities are struggling to manage the basic services--water, power, transportation--they offer to its steadily growing populations. Oftentimes, cities lack the infrastructure…

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    Finding closure

    By Hunsberger, Kelley Complex projects that successfully exceed expected time, cost, and quality outcomes are those efforts realized by teams who have masterly applied an appropriate mix of hard and soft project…