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  • Project Management Journal

    Project partnering member content locked

    By Cowan, Charles | Gray, Clifford F. | Larson, Erik W. Project partnering is a viable option to the traditional adversarial approach to the contractor/owner relationship in project management.Originally a spin-off of the Total Quality movement,…

  • PM Network

    Multi-Discipline Teams

    By King, C. G. Over the past decade, multi-discipline teams have successfully handled numerous projects at Boeing. A multi-discipline team is a group of individuals with the common goal of developing a specific…

  • Project Management Journal

    Partnering member content locked

    By Moore, Carl C. | Mosley, Donald C. | Slagle, Michelle Project partnering may be a solution to the traditional adversarial relationship between owner and contractor. Partnering allows both sides to form common goals and objectives, and create a trusting…

  • Project Management Journal

    Product design teams member content locked

    By Cleland, David I. Due to a variety of reasons, the United States has been struggling to successfully compete in the global marketplace. Countries such as Japan have been providing better quality products for the past…