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    How long does it take to catch a fish? registered user content locked

    By Sietsma, Margo | Sietsma, Kees This article presents a discussion of how the methods of project management can be applied to the Research adn Development (R&D) industry. Although R&D planners regularly face a variety of problems,…

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    The board of directors and projects registered user content locked

    By Cleland, David I. Project management has moved out of the realm of a "special case" of management and is becoming recognized as a strategy to use in bringing about change in contemporary organizations. Senior…

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    Flat, Flexible Organizational Structures registered user content locked

    By Dinsmore, Paul An amazing number of papers (35) were grouped under the track heading “Flat, Flexible Organization Structures and Projects” at INTERNET’s 10th World Congress on Project Management held June ’90 in…

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    Creating an oasis registered user content locked

    By Walden, Andrea | San Filippo, Wayne K. | Martin, Sue C. In 1988, construction was completed on the Delta Air Lines Terminal 5 at Los Angeles (United States) International Airport (LAX), a $75 million fast-track project that won the 1989 PMI Project of…

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    Strategic Planning in Project Management registered user content locked

    By Dinsmore, Paul “Strategic planning lays the groundwork for successful project implementation.” Numerous specialists support this concept in articles published in project management literature over the last decade.…

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    Project management at the Woodland Park Zoo registered user content locked

    By Klein, Hank | Bierlein, John K. | Maxwell, James A. | Kubota, Thomas A. | Katagiri, Michael D. Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo began modernizing in the 1970s, and over the last decade, introduced several innovative concepts that turned it into one of the United States' world-class zoos. The…