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    Light bright

    By Fister Gale, Sarah When buildings are repurposed, the owners often want structural changes that reflect the new tenant. This article overviews how Murtinho+Raby Architects (Santiago, Chile) added colorful glass panels…

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    Au naturel

    By Ryan, Maureen Institutions dedicated to curating exhibitions and programs about the natural sciences are prime candidates for spearheading public awareness about how society should address and regard the issue of…

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    Power trip

    By Wheatley, Malcolm The Range Rover 4x4 is one of the most coveted vehicles in the world. Respected for its luxury, it is also renowned for its high carbon emissions and gasoline consumption. This article examines how…

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    Turning green into gold

    By Jones, Tegan In response to the negative connotations associated with pollution, corporations worldwide are constructing sustainable headquarters to convey environmentally friendly and innovative-minded personas…

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    Green machine

    By Bartelmay, Ryan The rise of sustainability awareness to the level of international prominence has subsequently affected--and sometimes, redefined--how come produces are developed and how some are used. This article…

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    The power of green

    By Aye, Elaine Project managers have played invaluable roles in helping design and construction firms successfully complete complex projects. This is especially true when these firms are working on sustainable…

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    Road to success

    By Fairweather, Virginia It is a rare roadworks project that improves vehicle circulation, generates private revenues, and provides environmentally friendly solutions. But these are the accomplishments achieved by the team…

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    Green is the new black

    By Hunsberger, Kelley Building sustainable environments have become the goal and the mantra of today's environmentally minded real estate developers, construction companies, and architects. This article profiles one such…

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    The Boston Harbor Project

    By Armstrong, Walter G. | Lee, Marshall Y. In 1986, a US federal court ordered the City of Boston (MA) to clean Boston Harbor, an order that led to the forming of the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA). Since then, this agency…

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    Recovering from a crisis at Tinker Air Force Base

    By Foote, Bobbie L. | Leemis, Lawrence M. | Williams, Larry | Badiru, Adedeji Bodunde | Ravindran, A. Following a 1984 fire at Tinker Air Force Base's (TAFB) Building 3001, the largest building in Oklahoma, TAFB teamed with an engineering team from the University of Oklahoma to rebuild the facility.…