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    A survey of new products and significant upgrades

    By Levine, Harvey A. The rate of new software developments is staggering. Software developers are continuously releasing more complex applications that are redefining the very nature of managing projects. This article…

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    From the Viper Pit

    By Sjoberg, Roy | Royer, James | Rightler, Charles When US automaker Chrysler showcased--at the 1989 North American International Auto Show--its dream version of a high-performance car, it was surprised by the overwhelming consumer enthusiasm the…

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    PM Team Saves $4.5 Million with New Scheduling Implementation

    By Walsh, Ellen | Handloff, Rich Snapshots of two projects: 1) “PM Team Saves $4.5 Million With New Scheduling implementation”: Arizona Public Services’ (APS) Palo Verde plant, the nation’s largest nuclear power generator, has made…

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    Impending death of "sneaker-net" and other reasons for using LANS for pm

    By Levine, Harvey A. Still working! In the April issue of the PM NETwork, I promised to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using Local Area Networks (LANs) for project management (if my system survived my…

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    Project management

    By Boznak, Rudolph G. Innovation and the ability to rapidly upgrade are essential qualities of successful companies in today's global market. This article discusses how competitiveness can benefit from effective project…

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    Innovation In Education

    By Ward, Dennis | Hart, Neal This article describes the process by which AT&T, in collaboration with Educational Services Institute and The George Washington University, developed two innovative, graduate-level curricula in…

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    Taking it on the road

    By Levin, Harry Recent technological advances-notably, laptop computers-are making it possible for project managers to work independently of a fixed office location. In this article, the author shares insights…

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    New Age Managers For Projects

    By Thatcher, John R. In the late 1980s, there was talk of a new age, of radical new environments for businesses and services. In 1987 Tom Peters in his book, Thriving on Chaos, was saying that it’s a “world turned…

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    Seeing and Seizing Opportunity

    By Griessman, B. Eugene “How do you keep your creative forces at work?” I asked Oscar de la Renta. The famed designer replied: “By keeping my eyes open.” When I asked a similar question of Charles Schulz, he answered:…

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    RISC or CISC

    By Young, W. David | Carland, Jo Ann C. CISC or RISC? Terms long familiar to the computer industry are now gaining significance in the popular press as users become more knowledgeable. The concepts of CISC (Complex Instruction Set…