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    A practical practice

    By Abeyta, Brian Though the costs of setting up a project management office (PMO) may seem unnecessary to non-project professionals, especially to budget-conscious executives, PMOs--according to a study discussed in…

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    Take stock

    By Silverstein, Ken The numerous early-21st century corporate scandals that have rippled through the international marketplace have changed the way the financial services industry conducts business. Today, new…

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    Well-oiled machinery

    By Haynes, Meghan As project managers struggle to balance all of the concerns involved in successfully realizing a project, they may overlook their most fundamental resource--their project team. This article, based…

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    Say it in pictures

    By Essex, David E. The author reviews--and compares--two software programs for creating project diagrams and documents: Visio Professional 2003 and SmartDraw Version 7, the two best known products of this type. The…

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    Diversity that matters

    By Baker, Bud The author addresses the following question: "Exactly how can diversity be managed to make it an asset to a team project?" In response, the author urges project managers to consider the…

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    Polluted progress

    In this analysis of the operational problems plaguing Sydney's (Australia) M5 East Tunnel, a project that was completed in 2001 and realized on a tight budget and under an aggressive schedule, the…

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    Enterprising entities

    By McQuiston, Jennifer Choosing to implement an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is a risky investment: Do the costs of linking all of an organization's functions and departments outweigh the benefits of…

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    The higher ground

    By Wheatley, Malcolm Escalating a project when it encounters problems can make or break a project manager's reputation: escalating too late makes the project manager appear incompetent; escalating too early makes the…

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    More with less

    By Ladika, Susan The first art of project management may well be the project manager's feat of successfully realizing nearly impossible projects with little available resources. This article examines the methods…

  • Project Management Journal

    Surviving the roller coaster member content locked

    By Brook, George The television production industry thrives and flourishes because its practitioners use highly developed project and quality management methodologies and the production companies possess the…