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    Positioning the project office

    By Dinsmore, Paul C. This article discusses conditions necessary to promote the development of a project office and tips for the design and positioning of an office.

  • Assessing the value of project management offices (PMO)

    By Kwak, Young-Hoon | Dai, Christine Xiaoyi Much recent attention in the global project management community has focused on developing models to justify the value of organizational investment in projects. But what such examinations often…

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    Project office

    By Dinsmore, Paul C. Operating a project office (PO) enables organizations to more effectively establish an enterprise-wide project management practice. Through a PO, organizations can plan, track, and assess projects,…

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    Is your PMO respected?

    By Whitten, Neal This article discusses the importance of a PMO's reputation for effective work as key to its success; providing services that benefit the organization helps to ensure a strong and effective PMO that…

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    The hidden roles of the project support office

    By Sullivan, John Project support offices (PSOs) often play a variety of behind-the-scenes roles that executives and project managers sometimes overlook, roles that are each significant in helping PSOs contribute to…

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    WOW! they're catching on!

    By Dinsmore, Paul C. Project management is increasingly being recognized as a business asset; this article discusses enterprise project management and aligning company goals and project management.

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    Getting organized

    By Lullen, J. J. | Sylvia, Richard In this age of instantaneous data and information, project offices are faced with increasing demands. This article presents a model for developing and implementing a project office. These…

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    Setting the stage for a new profession

    By Webster, Francis Marion This article offers a short history of project management practices and the development of the project management profession as it took place following World War II. The needs of the defense and…

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    The project support office

    By Bolles, Dennis This article discusses modern project management as the disciplined integration of the concept of MBP (Managing by Projects) practices throughout all areas of the business arena. Factors that…

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    The project office phenomenon

    By Block, Thomas R. Beyond the goal of increased project success, a project office can, as it matures, have a much broader impact in shaping and implementing the management needs of the organization. This article is an…