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  • Project Management Journal

    Computer corner member content locked

    By Carland, Jo Ann Just when businesses are solving the problems encountered with the proliferation of microcomputers and computer literacy and generating risk assessments to improve computer security from young…

  • Project Management Journal

    The pre-project project management role member content locked

    By Hill, Kenneth W. | Russell, J. Grant. | Smith, James T. One of the most effective ways to ensure that projects achieve the outcomes stakeholders expect is to use proven project management techniques when planning projects. This article examines…

  • PM Network

    Building professionalism in project management registered user content locked

    By Wideman, R. Max I should like to take this opportunity to elaborate on what I believe to be one of the most important aspects of the recent deliberations of the PMI Board, in San Francisco last March. As was…

  • Project Management Journal

    The cultural ambience of project management--another look member content locked

    By Cleland, David I. Project managers effectively increase their chances for successfully realizing projects when they use proven tools and techniques and when they obtain their organization's support. This article…

  • Project Management Journal

    Critical success factors across the project life cycle member content locked

    By Pinto, Jeffrey K. | Slevin, Dennis P. Although much has been written about the process of managing projects, the field still lacks a full understanding of how critical factors contribute to the different stages of a project's life cycle…

  • Project Management Journal

    This & that member content locked

    By Havas, Thomas T. When scheduling certain projects, it becomes quite difficult at times to assign realistic durations to certain key activities. In most of these cases, educated guesses based on previous experience…

  • Project Management Journal

    An empirical analysis of project management in a selected industrial area in the People's Republic of China member content locked

    By Graham, Robert G. | Sun, Minghe Critics of Chinese business practices state that while the country possesses a large number of potential workers, its workforce lacks the skills and training to perform efficiently and effectively.…

  • PM Network

    Project management today registered user content locked

    By Rozendale, David S. One of the most satisfying jobs in the engineering and construction industry today is that of Project Manager responsible for the design, procurement, and construction of a major facility. A…

  • Project Management Journal

    Anchorage Organizing Committee for the 1994 Olympics . member content locked

    By Pinto, Jeffrey K. | Slevin, Dennis P. Attempting to convince executives that their company should invest in a project that promises to resolve a particular organizational problem is a difficult enough challenge. Trying to convince an…

  • Project Management Journal

    Application of the PM model to constructed projects in developing areas member content locked

    By Bastani, Harry Much of the more than (US)$40 billion annually distributed to developing countries for development initiatives finances projects that unnecessarily fail, projects that fail because of one of three…


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