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    Picking projects for profitability

    By Foti, Ross Successful projects can be defined as those that meet their business goals; identifying which projects are most likely to meet their goals is a challenge. This article discusses points that impact…

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    Going global

    By Harter, Betsy This article discusses the difficulties inherent in managing global telecommunications projects including lack of infrastructure, logistical difficulites, finding qualified local labor, varying…

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    Government projects

    By Seigle, Greg Like many types of projects, governement projects are subject to shifting priorities, requirements, andschedules, red tape and politics, budgetary fluctuations, and a multitude of other risks. This…

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    Customer satisfaction

    By Rowh, Mark Customer demands can often exceed project realities, leaving project managers to juggle resources in order to satisfy customers. To avoid this situation, this article recommends developing a…

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    Bridging the gap

    By Foti, Ross It was during the 1980s, when computers began transforming business operations, when the engineering and construction industries started embracing standard scheduling and cost processes, that…

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    When projects go wrong

    By Dinsmore, Paul C. This brief article provides tips for dealing with troubled projects including implementing enterprise project management, performing a project audit, and re-starting the project.

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    Boost your team's energy

    By Martin, Paula Kay | Tate, Karen Tips for increasing team motivation include supplying adequate resources to get jobs done, involving the team in the management process, setting project milestones, and using clear, visual signs of…

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    Overcoming obstacles

    By Christensen, Per Juel | Rydberg, Jan The Øresund Bridge connecting Copenhagen and Malmo, Sweden, is an engineering marvel that was completed 5 months ahead of schedule and within budget. Risk analysis and contingency planning were…

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    Keeping the client informed

    By Baker, Bud Surprises are not conducive to effective project management; to avoid surprises, this article suggests maintaining and revising a risk list, paying attention to communcation issues, and trusting the…

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    PM pointers for university-industry R&D projects

    By Tirpak, Thomas M. This article presents tips for university-industry research and development collaboration gleaned from experiences of the Motorola Advanced Technology Center (MATC), a division of Motorola Labs.…