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    Project cost risk analysis using influence diagrams member content locked

    By Diekmann, James E. | Featherman, W. David | Moody, Rhett | Molenaar, Keith | Rodriguez-Guy, Maria This paper summarizes new techniques developed in ongoing research of cost risk analysis for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) environmental remediation projects. This class of projects has been…

  • Project Management Journal

    Best practices for controlling technology-based projects member content locked

    By Thamhain, Hans J. Based on extensive field studies, this paper supports the position that modern project management tools and techniques can (1) significantly enhance overall project performance, and (2) can be…

  • Project Management Journal

    Managing an FMS project member content locked

    By Chen, Wen-Hsien A flexible manufacturing system (FMS) is a group of workstations integrated by automatic material handling equipment and controlled by a central computer. A project management approach is usually…

  • PM Network

    The age of project mentoring

    By Knutson, Joan Moving beyond “managing” projects will require a new set of competencies and a new way of thinking about what goes into making a project successful.

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    The consultative role of the project manager

    By Knutson, Joan Visualizing yourself as a consultant—an internal expert resource—allows you to play a mentoring role within your organization. Project management is a discipline that requires discipline. That…

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    By Dewhirst, H. Dudley The real problems that project managers routinely face are not generally addressed in most project management training courses, which tend to focus narrowly on tools and techniques. The leading…

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    Causes of project failure

    By Black, Ken Project failures are due to many causes. This article presents the results of a survey of 70 professional engineers who were asked to rate 70 prospective reasons for project failure. The most common…

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    Project controls

    By Heywood, George E. | Allen, Thomas J. Project controls include such functions as estimating, planning and scheduling, cost control, risk analysis, and various reporting functions. While these controls have been proven to be effective in…

  • PM Network

    When your electronic leash becomes a noose(ance)

    By Kostner, Jaclyn An 'electronic leash' is the invisible trap created by such technologies as e-mail and voice mail which put people, in effect, perpetually on-call, and prevent them from ever escaping work. Among…

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    Twelve reasons why programs fail

    By Gioia, John Program managers need to understand why so many programs fail in order to avoid common pitfalls and take preventative measures. This article discusses the following twelve reasons that programs…