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    Technology transfer utilizing vendor partnering and a self-managed project team member content locked

    By Bommer, Michael R. W. | Jalajas, David S. | Boyer, David S. Self-managed project teams at ALCOA in Massena, New York, undertook the huge project of replacing a potline process computer system that had been experiencing frequent major system failures.The…

  • PM Network

    How to get breakthrough performance with teamwork

    By Kostner, Jaclyn | Strbiak, Christy Ann Project outcomes are greatly determined by a project team's dynamics. And only when project teams are guided by project managers who possess strong leadership skills will the individual members…

  • Project Management Journal

    Using project teams to create MIS products member content locked

    By Ford, Robert C. | McLaughlin, Frank S. Traditional management theory suggests that there should be parity of authority and responsibility in MIS project management.A survey was sent to 1610 randomly selected managers from the Directory…

  • Project Management Journal

    Perceptions on partnering in the public sector member content locked

    By Sanders, Steve R. | Moore, Mary M. Project partnering helps to build a united team with a common goal, which in turn improves quality, reduces costs, and increases efficiency.The Mobile District of the Army Corp of Engineers…

  • Project Management Journal

    Project partnering member content locked

    By Cowan, Charles | Gray, Clifford F. | Larson, Erik W. Project partnering is a viable option to the traditional adversarial approach to the contractor/owner relationship in project management.Originally a spin-off of the Total Quality movement,…

  • PM Network

    Multi-Discipline Teams

    By King, C. G. Over the past decade, multi-discipline teams have successfully handled numerous projects at Boeing. A multi-discipline team is a group of individuals with the common goal of developing a specific…

  • Project Management Journal

    Building commitment in project teams member content locked

    By Rossy, Gerard L. | Archibald, Russell D. Commitment to a project, both organizationally and personally,has presented project managers with their greatest challenge.Yet, commitment is of vital importance to the functioning of a project team…

  • PM Network

    Lone wolf teams

    By Stinnett, William D. Teams, teamwork, participative management, and other popular phrases all represent good ideas but haven't had significant results because of poor execution. This article urges the creation of Lone…

  • Project Management Journal

    Partnering member content locked

    By Moore, Carl C. | Mosley, Donald C. | Slagle, Michelle Project partnering may be a solution to the traditional adversarial relationship between owner and contractor.Partnering allows both sides to form common goals and objectives, and create a trusting,…

  • Project Management Journal

    Product design teams member content locked

    By Cleland, David I. Due to a variety of reasons, the United States has been struggling to successfully compete in the global marketplace.Countries such as Japan have been providing better quality products for the past…