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  • PM Network

    Ratcheting project management up a notch

    By Cabano, Louis J. Many social commentators--ranging from journalists to community advocates to the man-on-the-street--have criticized the ethical, intellectual, and social behavior of the nation's contemporary…

  • PM Network

    Project Earth

    By King, Frank W. This article features the keynote address that Frank W. King (president and CEO of Environcorp Inc.) delivered to the PMI '90 Seminar/Symposium at Calgary, Alberta. Mr. King used a fictional…

  • PM Network

    Code of ethics for the project management profession

    Project Managers, in the pursuit of the profession, affect the quality of life for all people in our society. Therefore, it is vital that Project Managers conduct their work in an ethical manner to…

  • Project Management Journal

    Legal lights member content locked

    By Nixon, Mary Anne F. There is heighten awareness in today’s world of “business ethics” because so many are “getting caught.” If an action is deemed by society to be unethical, does the morality/immorality issue also…

  • Project Management Quarterly

    Ethics for the project manager

    By Ireland, Lewis R. | Pike, Walter J. | Schrock, Joann L. Publicly recognized professions are those that adhere to an appropriate code of ethics, one that shapes and informs a practitioner's conduct while practicing the discipline. This article summarizes…

  • Project Management Quarterly

    Code of Ethics for Project Managers

    By Ireland, Lewis R., | Parry, Matthew H. The defining element of a profession is the code of ethics that its members agree to follow while practicing the discipline. This article details PMI's original version of its Code of Ethics for…