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    Positive reaction

    By Swanson, Sandra A. Science was the easy part for the physicists and engineers who built the world's largest experimental nuclear fusion reactor. The é1 billion program spanning 20 years at the Max Planck Institute for…

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    The new space race

    By Sweeney, Brigid After a string of high-profile failures, the commercial space industry is trying to show it can rebound quickly by launching new projects and improved testing.

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    Satellite spree

    By Schaefer, Ben Airbus Group is partnering with Internet provider OneWeb on a US$2 billion project to create the world’s largest and most powerful satellite constellation by 2019. The project will require…

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    Mobile plan

    By Pitchko, John For project managers deploying mobile services in an organization, John Pitchko, PMP, breaks down his experiences into two key points: knowing your infrastructure capabilities and building a strong…

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    Gaining steam

    By Fretty, Peter In 2006, Nicaragua suffered an energy crisis, with countrywide blackouts lasting from four to 12 hours a day, because the country was too dependent on imported fuel oil. As a result, the Nicaraguan…

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    Head in the clouds

    By Hildebrand, Carol Business opportunities are similar to cloud formations: Each atmospheric change alters the speed, density, and scale of clouds. This article describes how cloud computing is helping companies and…

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    Innovation In Education

    By Ward, Dennis | Hart, Neal This article describes the process by which AT&T, in collaboration with Educational Services Institute and The George Washington University, developed two innovative, graduate-level curricula in…

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    New Age Managers For Projects

    By Thatcher, John R. In the late 1980s, there was talk of a new age, of radical new environments for businesses and services. In 1987 Tom Peters in his book, Thriving on Chaos, was saying that it’s a “world turned…

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    RISC or CISC

    By Young, W. David | Carland, Jo Ann C. CISC or RISC? Terms long familiar to the computer industry are now gaining significance in the popular press as users become more knowledgeable. The concepts of CISC (Complex Instruction Set…