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    Shaping corporate strategy with information technology member content locked

    By Tuman, John The proliferation of information technology (IT) systems and software that experts predict will occur during the 1990s will significantly influence the ways United States (U.S.) companies compete…

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    The Nucor flat products steel project member content locked

    By Cleland, David I. | Kimball, Richard W. Nucor's strategic project : an interview with Keith Busse, "project manager" / preface by Richard Kimball. Even some of the most informally structured organizations use basic project management…

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    The pre-project project management role member content locked

    By Hill, Kenneth W. | Russell, J. Grant. | Smith, James T. One of the most effective ways to ensure that projects achieve the outcomes stakeholders expect is to use proven project management techniques when planning projects. This article examines…

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    Application of the PM model to constructed projects in developing areas member content locked

    By Bastani, Harry Much of the more than (US)$40 billion annually distributed to developing countries for development initiatives finances projects that unnecessarily fail, projects that fail because of one of three…

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    A conceptual framework for project management software member content locked

    By Matthews, Mark D. Project management software helps project managers plan, implement, monitor, and control projects; it also enables them to provide their project's stakeholders with the information they need to…

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    Vendor/user dialog member content locked

    By Webster, Francis Marion One of the panel discussions at PMI's 1986 Seminars & Symposium featured a discussion between five individuals representing either software manufacturers or project-oriented organizations. This…

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    PM and the computer member content locked

    By Thisner, Anders O. | Teicholz, Paul M. | Havas, George P. | Hansen, Søren | Thamhain, Hans J. | Cleland, David I. Because computers are tools helping people to better communicate, these products will help project managers--once software manufacturers develop products that match the needs of project managers--to…

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    Policy and procedural issues in procurement and logistics for large scale projects in the oil and gas industry member content locked

    By Silver, Edward A. Planning the procurement and logistics of materials plays such a significant role in a project's outcome that it can determine a project's success or failure even before construction begins. This…

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    Resource allocation member content locked

    By Suarez, Luis F. When project managers efficiently allocate their project's available resources, they are ensuring that they effectively optimize the potential of their materials and labor, a potential that is often…

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    Eastasia-rim projects member content locked

    By Muspratt, Murray A. With the current economic slowdown in the United States (U.S.) construction industry, more U.S. construction industry firms are looking for opportunities in other countries. This article examines…