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  • Project Management Journal

    Planning in the construction industry member content locked

    By Muspratt, Murray A. The construction industry is notorious for its unsophisticated strategic planning procedures, a fact swayed by the sheer difficulty in making accurate predictions in a market wrought with much…

  • Project Management Quarterly

    Standardized networks

    By Matthews, Mark D. Though it has been more than twenty years since the Polaris Missile Development Project was initiated, the first ever project to use network techniques, and though networking has since evolved to…

  • Project Management Quarterly

    Managing change through project management

    By Morris, Peter W. G. | DeLapp, Stephen E. Although the discipline of project management has existed for more than twenty years, little is known about its potential value. It is often viewed as a specialized area instead of a solution for…

  • Project Management Quarterly

    Strategic Planning for Multi-Projects

    By Terry, W. Robert | Dar-El, Ezey M. In the first installment of this three-article series on strategic planning in the shipbuilding industry, these authors explored why shipbuilding companies performed poorly when executing…

  • Project Management Quarterly

    Project Engineering in a Plant Environment

    By Devore, Tim | McCollum, James K. | Ledbetter, William N. Realizing a manufacturing project demands much effort from project engineers and engineering managers. This article--informed by the authors' professional engineering experience and studies of…

  • Project Management Quarterly

    Marketing for project-oriented businesses

    By Thamhain, Hans J. | Wilemon, David L. Effectively selling projects and successfully winning project contracts involves practicing a highly disciplined marketing effort, one that requires collaboration among an organization's marketing,…

  • Project Management Quarterly

    Managing project development for better results

    By Wideman, R. Max All too often, a project's leaders fail to appropriately plan a project's development phase, failing because many project professionals do not fully understand the process of developing projects,…

  • Project Management Quarterly

    Master planning in developing countries

    By Porter, J. Winston Many of the world's most prominent developing countries (China, India, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait) are implementing initiatives to rapidly develop modern industrial and agricultural facilities. And…

  • Project Management Quarterly

    Project management at Fluor Utah, Inc.

    By Duke, Robert K. Because managing projects involves both technical acumen as well as artistic skill, the concept of project management is difficult to define in exacting terms. This article examines the process that…

  • Project Management Quarterly

    A practical approach to project planning

    By Morton, G. H. A. There are many different types of tools to help project managers plan projects. Choosing one is often a matter of both the manager's temperament and the project's requirements. This article examines…


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