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  • PM Network

    Accreditation Committee Hears University of Quebec's Self-Study registered user content locked

    The PMI Accreditations Committee, Co-chaired by David Morton and John R. Adams, met February 20-22, 1978 to hear a report by Dr. Pierre Menard on the University of Quebec's self-study. This is a…

  • Project Management Journal

    Eastasia-rim projects member content locked

    By Muspratt, Murray A. With the current economic slowdown in the United States (U.S.) construction industry, more U.S. construction industry firms are looking for opportunities in other countries. This article examines…

  • Project Management Journal

    The computer corner member content locked

    By Carland, Jo Ann C. Welcome to the first Computer Corner. This is a new feature which we intend to use to provide current, pertinent, relevant information about computer hardware, software and systems for project…

  • Project Management Journal

    Resource allocation member content locked

    By Suarez, Luis F. When project managers efficiently allocate their project's available resources, they are ensuring that they effectively optimize the potential of their materials and labor, a potential that is often…

  • Project Management Journal

    James Bay Hydroelectric Project, Quebec, Canada . member content locked

    By Prevost, Gerard To realize Quebec's (Canada) La Grande hydroelectric complex, the project team--led by developer Société d'énergie de la baie James (SEBJ)--integrated many activities to accomplish what few thought…

  • Project Management Journal

    What it takes to be a good project manager member content locked

    By Posner, Barry Z. There are two contradictory perspectives on what makes a good project manager: One prescribes personal characteristics; the other asserts problem-solving abilities. This article examines these two…

  • PM Network

    What are the Gladiators? registered user content locked

    By Martin, M. Dean As the anniversary date commemorating eleven years as a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) approached, a contemplative mood took possession of me. It occurred to me that occasions…

  • Project Management Journal

    Modern project management member content locked

    By Snyder, James R. This article features a PMI founder and former executive director telling the history of modern project management. In doing so, he describes the evolution that began in 1958, the year when the…

  • Project Management Journal

    Legal lights member content locked

    By Nixon, Mary Anne F. In Project Management legal issues abound. We have evolved from a society that did business on a handshake to one which approaches each transaction with an attorney or legal department close at hand…

  • Project Management Journal

    Policy and procedural issues in procurement and logistics for large scale projects in the oil and gas industry member content locked

    By Silver, Edward A. Planning the procurement and logistics of materials plays such a significant role in a project's outcome that it can determine a project's success or failure even before construction begins. This…


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