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  • Project Management Quarterly

    Managing construction projects

    By O'Brien, James J. Taking a construction project from start to finish involves a great deal of different activities that often generate significant conflicts between everyone involved. This article examines the…

  • Project Management Quarterly

    A program planning model for a statewide research and development system

    By Gustafson, David H. As the advantages of practicing project management are becoming more well known, more organizations are using the discipline to manage a variety of organizational initiatives. This article examines…

  • Project Management Quarterly

    Project manager, catalyst to constant change

    By Morton, David H. Managing projects involves more than controlling schedules, costs, and scopes. To achieve the outcomes expected, project managers must also motivate and lead their project teams. This article…

  • Project Management Quarterly

    Transferring project management technology and implementing it in the developing world

    By Smith, Kenneth F. When Western project managers accept assignments in developing or underdeveloped nations, they are usually surprised to find that much of the world does not follow a standardized approach for…

  • Project Management Quarterly

    Case studies in project management

    Ed. note: As a result of a contract with the Agency for International Development of the U.S. Department of State, Envirodyne Planalog is preparing a Directory of Training Resources in Project…

  • Project Management Quarterly

    Risk taking and the decision making process

    By Adams, John R. Managing projects means making decisions about the potential and the actual risks that can occur and that can detrimentally affect performance and outcomes. Such decisions, however, vary from…

  • Project Management Quarterly

    Reflections on project management

    By Shillito, Barry J. To implement projects successfully, project managers must not only control a project's schedule and cost performance, they must also guide and motivate the performance of the individuals they manage…

  • Project Management Quarterly

    Literature review

    This month's Literature Review is dedicated to books on project management published in England.

  • Project Management Quarterly

    Project management in industry

    By Cleland, David I. Since modern project management's emergence two decades ago, the discipline has significantly influenced the way organizations structure themselves. This article overviews the current state of…

  • Project Management Quarterly

    Cost growth

    By Baker, Bruce N. All too often, research and development (R&D) projects exceed budget, causing significant and detrimental repercussions affecting the future funding of similar efforts, particularly for those…


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