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  • Strategies for planning complex systems development member content open

    By Zink, Tony Complex systems construction projects present unique challenges and issues. When missteps incur cost or time overruns, the impact is often greater due to the size and scale of the project. The…

  • Leveraging operations research and management science applications to continuously improve transportation organizations member content open

    By Sadatsafavi, Hessam | Walewski, John | Waller, S. Travis | Yager, Christine | Chang-Albitres, Carlos Martin Because of the large number of participants and various financial, environmental, and traffic-related considerations, transportation projects are among the most complex projects. The environment in…

  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's capability replacement laboratories project member content open

    By Knutson, Dale E. Eight years ago in 2004, hundreds of employees at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) were conducting state-of-the-art research in World War II-era buildings as part of its mission to…

  • Project management is not project management is not project management member content open

    By Gumz, Joy Project professionals disagree on numerous issues. But there is one that they often agree on: Different projects require different management approaches. This paper examines how project managers…

  • Deconstructing the Big Dig member content open

    By Greiman, Virginia | Warburton, Roger David Hand Boston's Central Artery/Tunnel Project, famously known as the Big Dig, was not only one of the largest, most complex, and most challenging projects ever implemented within the United States, it was…

  • Building a cathedral member content open

    By Aziz, Laura The continuous evolution of technology is significantly increasing the complexity of delivering megaprojects that not only meet business requirements but also satisfy the expectations of a wide…

  • Project management as knowledge work member content open

    By Owen, Jill | Linger, Henry Implementing most projects inherently involves managing much complexity and uncertainty. To alleviate these challenges, project managers can integrate knowledge-generating practices into their…

  • Project management of mega yachts as a dynamic model of fast tracking projects member content open

    By Glowacki, Tomasz M. New project management techniques are required for very complex, high-tech, quality-driven and time-sensitive projects. Construction of a mega yacht is a good example of such project. New approaches…

  • Seminars & Symposium

    Risk management experience on Hyperion member content open

    By Conrow, Edmund H. | Carman, Stephen L. IntroductionThis paper briefly describes the application of risk management to the Hyperion project, a complex electro-optical instrument developed by TRW for NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC)…

  • Seminars & Symposium

    The Alliance Pipeline story member content open

    By Rickards, John V. This presentation will describe the overall project as well as the significant components. The management organization will be presented, showing how such a large project could be properly…