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    More Than Stores

    By Ali, Ambreen Massive shopping centers can't compete with online convenience. Digital retail sales are skyrocketing, reaching US$2.3 trillion last year—a nearly 25 percent increase over the previous year,…

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    Data's New Digs

    By Fister Gale, Sarah The world runs on data, exponentially growing amounts of data. It all has to live somewhere, so tech giants and internet service providers are launching projects to build massive new facilities.…

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    Building Tomorrow

    By Jones, Tegan This is the era of disruption. Long-stable business models are crumbling. Transformative new tech has made operations faster and more efficient, forcing giants of industry to pivot, or perish. Yet…

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    No Time to Slow Down

    By Corona, Karina Deadly terrorist attacks, a failed coup and a plunge in tourism revenue haven't slowed Turkey's ambitious megaproject plans. In fact, the bad news may be fueling the projects. "Particular after the…

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    Brexit's blowback

    By O'Connor, Kelsey Britons historic Brexit vote shoved the U.K. into unfamiliar territory. While the ultimate effects of the vote are unclear -- actual departure from the European Union (EU) might not happen for years…

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    Slum change management

    By Burritt, Chris According to the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), slum populations are climbing globally, making new approaches to slum redevelopment projects necessary. Although securing…

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    Let the games begin

    By Parsi, Novid Strategic planning efforts of new and renovated athletic facilities balance short- and long-term building requirements with community needs as Toronto, Ontario, Canada prepares to host the 2015 Pan…

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    Building for art's sake

    By Alderton, Matt A review of museum construction projects considers the challenges of building for art's sake. In Abu Dhabi, three world-class museums will be central to the United Arab Emirates' planned cultural…

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    From the ground up

    By Hubbard, Tod This article features the general manager, global projects operation for GE Energy in São Paulo, Brazil, discussing how his organization quickly ramped up a core of local project teams to tackle a…

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    Back on track

    By Wolak, Sylvia A forsaken Peruvian metro project has been revived through a carefully coordinated public-private partnership and ample transparency. This article profiles the country's long-time effort to install…