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  • COTS project management strategy from a state government PMO perspective member content open

    By Douglas, Joyce We all work in environments in which government funding is stretched, program resources are syphoned, disparate applications are waiting on future funds for cycles to implement backlogged features,…

  • Balancing agility with conformance on complex government programs member content open

    By Zaleski, Peter S. | Bostian, Christopher B. | McDyer, Christopher J. Complex government transformation programs are subject to many of the same challenges encountered on commercial programs of similar size and scope. Government programs face additional challenges…

  • Agile project management with formal requirements and test case management member content open

    By McKenrick, C. Ross. Agile project management methods, such as Scrum, are based on a lightweight (or lean) process model and are intended to be augmented as necessary by specific teams for their specific project context…

  • Flexible project management member content open

    By Smith, Preston G. | Oltmann, Jeff To implement software development initiatives, IT project managers often adopt agile techniques and methods. The IT industry's success in using agile has encouraged project managers working in…

  • Never work weekends again member content open

    By Sheridan, Richard B. To compete in today's technology-driven business environments, software development companies must bring new products and services to the marketplace faster than their competitors. To accomplish…

  • Using cross project learning to improve project management member content open

    By Wasiyo, Khaitsa With each new project comes many opportunities to generate new knowledge and apply the lessons learned from previous projects. Understanding this cycle is particularly important when managing…

  • Agile at the Office of Personnel Management--a true story member content open

    By Cheng, Richard K. The agile approach has helped numerous organizations--of all types and sizes--effectively improve their capability to manage difficult and complex projects and programs. This paper examines how the…

  • Resolving troubled agile development by applying mature project management--composite model of structural and process integration member content open

    By Banjanin, Goran Software development project managers are continually searching for new approaches and practices that can help their teams perform better. This paper examines how one approach--the composite model…

  • Agile PMP® member content open

    By Cottmeyer, Mike As research has shown, information technology (IT) projects continue to fail at alarming rates. One of the main causes of such failure is the approach organizations use to manage these usually…

  • Agile, innovation, and the project manager member content open

    By Sheridan, Richard B. To respond to this era's quickly evolving and highly volatile marketplace, organizations worldwide are initiating efforts to introduce innovative products and services. To accomplish this, they need…