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    Competitive edge

    By Fister Gale, Sarah In today's competitive world, it's not enough to design a cool gadget or flashy piece of technology. Companies launching new products must meet the very specific needs and price points of fickle…

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    Fully equipped

    By Toledo, Roberto When an organization decides to embrace project management as a core competency, a comprehensive, enterprise-wide training effort should be the first step. This article discusses the importance of…

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    Power of persuasion

    By Brox, Denene From requesting more resources to changing a stakeholder requirement, project professionals must negotiate every day. This article discusses how even the most timid project manager can hone his or…

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    Combining Forces: 2011 PMI Project of the Year Award Finalist

    By Allen, Kevin The United Arab Emirates gained its wealth through the oil and gas industry. Now its leaders are cultivating economic sustainability by diversifying the country's portfolio. This article discusses…

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    The sky's the limit

    By Wolak, Sylvia Decades ago, skyscraper projects were quintessentially U.S.--but no more. Today, two of the tallest buildings currently under construction are in China, and the Middle East is home to half of the…

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    Are you agile?

    By Fewell, Jesse The use of agile as an approach to managing projects has increased over the last several years. As a result, the Project Management Institute is granting the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner…

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    ERP for the masses

    By Fretty, Peter For years, enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools went hand-in-hand with large organizations; however, the environment is evolving significantly. This article discusses ERP software that is…

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    In tune

    By Pol, Jan Project management is essential in many businesses, and the music industry is no exception. This article features the owner of a music management company who handles tour management discussing how…

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    New ground

    By Zoninsein, Manuela S Project management has become a trend in the fashion industry, and educators are learning some new best practices. This article discusses how many non-traditional sectors have adopted and are…

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    Communicating for effect

    By Bourne, Lynda Theres no point in communicating with someone if you don't want to cause an effect, and getting results as a project manager is often a matter of relaying the right message. This article dicusses…