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    Autopilot Perils

    From robots performing repetitive manufacturing tasks to computer programs that analyze data and generate solutions, automation is suddenly everywhere—and driving a new demand for projects. Nearly…

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    Under Lock and Key

    By Fister Gale, Sarah Data privacy risks have IT leaders constantly on edge. Reports of breaches or mishandled data seem to occur daily, including some that rock the entire world. News that political consulting firm…

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    Mission Possible

    By Garza, Amelia The world was watching in July when a youth soccer team was rescued from a cave in Thailand after being trapped for more than two weeks. But the rescue team's data-based approach to risk management…

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    Threat Awareness

    By Parsi, Novid Business leaders agree: Risk registers are getting more crowded. Yet fewer organizations are closely managing risks.

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    Blind Spots

    By Barger, Robert It's risk management 101: You've probably been taught to identify all possible risks, document them, communicate them and develop a plan for handling them. But this traditional risk management…

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    Don't Gamble With Uncertainty

    By Sturiale, Antonio | Chicca, Lidia | Gerosa, Sergio One of the first things project managers learn is that we must understand and manage risks if we want to drive our projects to success. But focusing on risks alone often isn't enough—uncertainties…

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    What Could Go Wrong?

    By Strazmesterov, Alexander In an era of disruption, organizations have to reduce surprises at every turn. Yet only 60 percent of organizations always or often apply risk management practices, according to PMI's 2017 Pulse of…

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    Strong and Flexible

    By O'Connor, Kelsey Risk registers aren't enough. To survive, organizations must build robust risk management cultures.

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    Bottom-up risk management

    By Daneshgari, Perry When our organization recently undertook a data center construction project, we kept one principle at the center of our efforts: The customer is the final recipient of the project. Because…

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    How to manage uncertainty

    By Shaker, Kareem Innovation and risk go hand in hand. In fact, most innovation projects involve so much uncertainty that they're bound to fail — or at least diverge from their original purpose. So implementing solid…