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  • PM Network

    Scanning the Horizon

    By Conick, Hal Better bar codes are finally on the way. Although it has revolutionized how the world does business, bar code technology has changed little since it arrived in 1974. United Airlines' mobile…

  • PM Network

    Digitalização no horizonte

    By Conick, Hal Melhores códigos de barra finalmente estão chegando. Embora tenha revolucionado a maneira como o mundo faz negócios, a tecnologia do código de barras mudou pouco desde que chegou em 1974. A…

  • PM Network

    Escaneo en el horizonte

    By Conick, Hal Mejores códigos de barras finalmente están próximos a convertirse en realidad. Aunque ha revolucionado la forma en que el mundo hace negocios, la tecnología de los códigos de barras ha cambiado poco…

  • PM Network

    Right Mix

    By Meyer, Felix As project managers, we know there is no magic formula for delivering projects successfully. We follow an approach (or approaches) then drive the project based on our experience, type of project,…

  • PM Network

    La combinación correcta

    By Meyer, Felix Como directores de proyecto, sabemos que no existe ninguna fórmula mágica para entregar proyectos con éxito. Seguimos uno o más enfoques que impulsan el proyecto según nuestra experiencia, tipo de…

  • PM Network

    O mix correto

    By Meyer, Felix Como gerentes de projeto, sabemos que não há uma fórmula mágica para entregar projetos com sucesso. Seguimos uma abordagem (ou abordagens) e conduzimos o projeto com base em nossa experiência, tipo…

  • Agile Practice Guide

    Agile Practice Guide member content locked

    Created in partnership with Agile Alliance®, the Agile Practice Guide provides tools and guidelines to enable better results.

  • PM Network

    No 'IT' in 'agile'

    By Lazarus, Marcus | Kaye, Avi | Shoukath, Nisha | Sian, Damian | Whitebread, Ron Companies use agile project management to deliver change that is sustainable, and it is often used in IT projects because it is technical in nature. However, project professionals are using agile…

  • PM Network

    The evolution of agile

    By Fister Gale, Sarah Agile has changed the project management landscape, largely because of its adaptability: Iterative development allows teams to deliver functional pieces of a project quickly and adjust on the fly.…

  • Taking off the agile training wheels, advance agile project management using Kanban

    By Tarne, Robert Agile project management techniques, especially in software development, continue to become more mainstream. From the private sector to government, many organizations are adopting agile. However,…