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  • Project Marketing By Three Organizations member content open

    By Lecoeuvre, Laurence | Turner, J. Rodney Within the project marketing literature, there has been an ongoing discussion about whether project marketing is part of project management or vice versa. In this paper, we take a new perspective on…

  • Toward a theory and practice of learning in project management systems member content open

    By Gardiner, Paul D. | Eltigani, Adil The aim of this research is to identify learning mechanisms in project management by focusing on relationships between learning processes, dynamic capabilities, knowledge management, and project…

  • Towards a theoretical foundation for project portfolio management member content open

    By Enoch, Clive N. | Labuschagne, Les This paper presents a theoretical foundation for project portfolio management as a discipline. The doctrine of project portfolio management could be criticized for suffering from deficiencies in its…

  • Project benefit management member content open

    By Zwikael, Ofer | Chih, Ying-Yi Realizing benefits is an important criterion to evaluate project performance. Hence, project benefit management is essential to enhance project success. This paper focuses on the first step in the…

  • Project portfolio management member content open

    By Enoch, Clive N. | Labuschagne, Les Organization success is dependent on the organization's ability to realise its objectives successfully. At a basic level, project portfolio management (PPM) focuses the organization on doing the…

  • Organizing mechanisms for project portfolio management in dynamic environments member content open

    By Petit, Yvan A qualitative study performed between 2008 and 2010 identified that, in dynamic environments, a significant number of internal and external events impact project portfolios for which organizing…

  • Establishing project portfolio management member content open

    By Beringer, Claus | Jonas, Daniel | Gemünden, Hans Georg Project portfolio management (PPM) can be seen as a management innovation that in many firms is still to be further established and professionalized. Stakeholder behavior and stakeholder management…

  • What is effectiveness in project portfolio management? member content open

    By Patanakul, Peerasit | Curtis, Audrey | Koppel, Brian While project portfolio management (PPM) has increased its significance in various business contexts, research on the effectiveness of PPM is still limited. In fact, PPM effectiveness has not been…

  • Strategic alignment of the project portfolio member content open

    By Filippov, Sergey | Mooi, Herman G | Weg, Roelof van der | Westen, Laurent-Jan van der The mission of project portfolio management (PPM) is seen in evaluating, prioritising, and selecting projects in line with the business strategy. Alignment of all on-going projects with the overall…

  • Early termination of failing projects member content open

    By Meyer, Werner G. There exists a substantial amount of literature that deals with escalation of commitment to a failing course of action and project management. Much of the escalation research is done by…