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  • PM Network

    Snap Precision

    By Fewell, Jesse If you've worked on agile projects, you've likely heard an agile champion make bizarre statements about estimating a budget and schedule. When you press further for estimates, you might get an even…

  • PM Network

    Value proposition

    By Fewell, Jesse Agile approaches are often considered only for slippery-scope projects in which the sponsor piles on work and the project manager gladly adds time to the schedule and spends more money. This article…

  • PM Network

    Change is good

    By Hunsberger, Kelley Two words project managers do not like to hear are scope creep. However, for project managers working with the agile methodology, it does not have to be that scary. This article explores how agile…

  • Goodbye, scope creep--hello, agile!

    By Sliger, Michele Project managers have long attempted to develop processes and policies for effectively managing project scope. Most of these remedies, however, only obstructed the process of developing the best…