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  • Combatting IT failure rates through IT program executive sponsorship member content open

    By Macdougall, Cecily | Michaelides, Roula Program management is widely perceived as a powerful agent of achieving organizational strategic change and enabling operational, service, and process transformation, as well as new product…

  • PMI Research and Education Conference

    The symbiosis of project management and change management during healthcare integrated planning member content open

    By Gordon, Aaron J. | Hornstein, Henry The purpose of this qualitative case study was to discover project management best practices in integrated healthcare planning

  • PMI Research and Education Conference

    A case study of change recipients' beliefs on the adoption of project management member content open

    By Burgan, Stephan C. | Burgan, Diana S. The purpose of this study was to measure organizational change recipients' beliefs about the adoption of project management practices

  • The contribution of project and change managers to different project activities member content open

    By Pollack, Julien | Algeo, Chivonne The project management and change management disciplines both contribute to the delivery of organizational change projects. However, evidence in the literature suggests conflict between these…

  • When project managers meet change management member content open

    By Lehmann, Valérie Change management and project management are not often connected. Nevertheless, in a context that requires specific efforts from organizations to better achieve their transformations, project…

  • Causes of change to project success criteria member content open

    By Hussein, Bassam A. This paper contributes to the project management literature by means of an investigation into the causes of changes to project success criteria. A combination of open questionnaires and interviews…

  • Project management as a tool of policy implementation member content open

    By Owen, Jill | Connor, James | Linger, Henry Project management has developed in an evolutionary manner from a technical endeavour, with objectives expressed in terms of physical artefacts, to a socio-technical process that can deliver…

  • PMI Research and Education Conference

    Change management in project-based organizations--a case study of a construction company member content open

    By Gerdin, Christer | Björkander, Maria | Henriksson, Mikael | Nilsby, Paulina | Singer, Mira This article examines how applicable these two frameworks apply to the specific case of a Swedish construction company.

  • Factors that influence and are influenced by change projects member content open

    By Nahmias, Anat Hassner | Crawford, Lynn | Combe, Marge Organizational changes are often achieved through disciplined project management. Change management and project management are two disciplines that draw upon different theoretical frameworks but…

  • A proposed construction design change management tool to aid in assessing the impact of design changes member content open

    By Hindmarch, Helen. | Gale, Andrew W. | Harrison, Robert Current practice shows that construction design change management relies heavily on the experience of practitioners to assess the impact of a proposed change. This U.K. government- and…