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    Analyzing the Future member content locked

    By Desmond, Luke The wave of big data and other data-science-related knowledge is turning into a flood. The economy is rapidly transforming into a knowledge-based one. In fact, the four largest companies based on…

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    Chirp-Chirp member content locked

    The Visa logo is recognized across the globe, but the brand saw a big problem looming: The rise of e-commerce, mobile wallets and smart speakers means fewer transactions will require a physical…

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    AI is the New Black member content locked

    By Waity, C. J. Bad lighting, grainy mirrors, absent sales clerks—shopping for clothes has never been a great experience. But fashion designers and retail juggernauts are looking to improve modern shopping by…

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    Commune Ground member content locked

    By Ali, Ambreen With more people prioritizing sustainability and healthy living, real estate developers are rushing to build neighborhoods around a new amenity—a working farm. Known as agrihoods, these projects…

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    Voice Wars member content locked

    By Hendershot, Steve Creation means nothing. It's survival that counts, in the emerging world of voice-assistant technology. More than 5 billion consumer devices made use of some type of voice-driven digital assistant…

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    Trucking Along member content locked

    Graphical depiction of projects to automate supply chain and delivery logistics.

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    A Sense of Safety member content locked

    By Parsi, Novid On construction projects, safety saves—both lives and money. In the European Union, more than one-fifth of all fatal workplace accidents happen in the construction sector, according to the European…

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    Drive Through Change registered user content locked

    By Parsi, Novid At many quick-service restaurants, drive-thru orders and pickups now outperform dining rooms. At Jack in the Box, more than 70 percent of sales are made from the front seat of cars, and in August…

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    Cultural Anchor registered user content locked

    By Parsi, Novid The transformation of Kaohsiung, Taiwan from an industrial port city to a major cultural hub has been decades in the making. And now the city has a linchpin for that evolution: a massive performing…

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    Old MacDonald had a Robot registered user content locked

    By Bishel, Ashley Even the most sophisticated farming equipment typically has a human at the wheel. Delicate tasks—such as planting seedlings or only harvesting certain crops—require discerning hands. But a new crop…


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