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  • PM Network

    In the Zone registered user content locked

    By Fister Gale, Sarah An "industrial park on steroids"—that's what U.K. tech entrepreneur Jean-Paul Gauthier calls special economic zones (SEZs). The zones have become a favorite development tool in countries eager to…

  • PM Network

    The cost of change registered user content locked

    By Heerkens, Gary Change in scope easily ranks among the top issues that keep project managers awake at night. At the project's launch, the scope, schedule and budget are determined and then somewhere during the…

  • Scope change control

    By Millhollan, Chuck Scope changes are a common part of managing projects. Whether it is a new technological function, a redesigned interior scheme, or a reshaped product design, all scope changes can potentially lead…

  • PM Network

    Scope management registered user content locked

    By Webster, Francis Marion Most of the problems associated with managing projects are due to change. The first step in scope management is to clearly define the project's product, and the work required to produce it. Managing…


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