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  • Earned value management member content open

    By Heinlein, J. W. | Craig, Christopher | Perotti, John | Pearson, Megan | Wooten, Teressa | Balderson, Lucas Growing pressure on federal budgets creates the strategic imperative to increase the transparency of the performance of agencies' mission-critical investments, as well as heighten their realized…

  • How to make earned value work on your project member content open

    By Lukas, Joseph A. Earned value analysis (EVA) appears to be a compelling technique to use on projects to better understand and manage performance. Companies embracing earned value prepare procedures and may provide…

  • Implementing a core competency management system member content open

    By Quilliam, James D. Only when program managers develop the competencies needed to estimate multiple costs and manage multiple schedules can they effectively achieve success. This paper examines an approach to…

  • Phase earned value analysis member content open

    By Bower, Douglas C. In the search to find methods to improve project performance, an increasing number of organizations--mostly those in the aerospace and defense industries--have adopted earned value management (EVM).…

  • Modeling project behavior member content open

    By De Marco, Alberto Project cost overruns and project schedule delays are common to all industries. Such performance demonstrates that the traditional approach to managing projects is not enough. Today, researchers and…

  • Using earned value management indexes as a team development factor and a compensation tool member content open

    By Vargas, Ricardo Viana Building a project-appropriate project team is a project in itself, one that involves planning, acquisition, and execution, including team development. This paper examines an index for evaluating…

  • Seminars & Symposium

    Applications and extensions of the earned value analysis method member content open

    By Anbari, Frank T. By integrating the three areas of project management--schedule management, cost management, and scope management--the earned value analysis management model (known as EVM or EVA) enables project…

  • Seminars & Symposium

    Earned value management systems storyboards – their application, uses, and benefit member content open

    By Humphreys, Gary C. Since the days--more than 5,000 years ago--when ancient Egyptians first created elaborate murals depicting stories, storyboards have served as efficient tool for communicating vital information.…

  • Seminars & Symposium

    EVMS member content open

    By West, Suzanne M. | McElroy, Sandy By using an earned value management system (EVMS), organizations and project and program managers can effectively and efficiently integrate a project’s or program’s work scope with its schedule and…