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  • How the U. S. defense department trains its top project managers member content open

    By Gadeken, Owen C. For more than 40 years, the Defense Systems Management College (DSMC) has been training project managers for the U.S. Department of Defense. The course has changed dramatically since then, with…

  • The emotional life of projects member content open

    By Aidane, Samad Understanding how emotions drive human behavior has critical implications for how we manage and lead others. Neuroscientist Dr. Richard Davidson of the University of Wisconsin found from his and…

  • Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and project management member content open

    By McAleer, Heather A. The purpose of this paper is to explore the merits of applying alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques to project management conflicts. Facilitation, negotiation, mediation, and a role of an…

  • Keys to success member content open

    By Craddock, William T | Gumz, Joy Influencing is a critical interpersonal skill for project managers. All interactions with stakeholders involve influence. Successful project managers both recognize this and use a variety of…

  • Sociocracy will govern tomorrow's projects member content open

    By Beauvillard, Patrick Today's decision makers are facing two growing aspirations in their teams: Teammates all want to be part of the decision-making process and commit to the project if it offers significant value for…

  • Sixth sense intuition member content open

    By Roeder, Tres Those who are new to the discipline of project management often rely too heavily on adopting and adapting defined processes and frameworks. As project managers mature and learn how to confront…

  • Project management member content open

    By Duez, Traci To manage projects effectively, project managers must often make difficult, even controversial, decisions. Making these kinds of decisions requires not only knowledge gained from years of field…

  • Negotiating with my sponsor member content open

    By Englund, Randall L. Much has been written about the crucial project role played by project sponsors. And many of these studies have focused on recommending techniques that can help project managers engage their…

  • Five things every project manager should know about negotiation member content open

    By Craddock, William T. Everything that is accomplished is first negotiated. This paper examines five elements that can help project managers negotiate successfully. In doing so, it lists three definitions of negotiations,…

  • Negotiating for success member content open

    By Englund, Randall L. Project success begins by negotiating the diverse outcomes that all stakeholders expect. This paper examines the principles, tools, and techniques involved in applying ten basic rules for…