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    Best of Both

    By Graetsch, Ulrike Maria When leaders at rapidly growing organizations establish a project management office (PMO), they're often seeking better control over which projects are started, more oversight of projects in…

  • PM Network

    Prepare For The Worst

    Cybersecurity breaches are the new normal. To develop resilience, IT leaders need to gather organization-wide buy-in on countermeasures, according to PwC's Global State of Information Security…

  • PM Network

    Taming the IT jungle

    By Ecochard, Jean Louis Creating a project-oriented work environment can benefit organizations in numerous and often immeasurable ways. This article--authored by the vice president and chief information officer (CIO) of…

  • PM Network

    Reality check

    By Thiry, Michel Because an increasing number of top-level executives are now praising project management as a tool for generating significant competitive advantages, numerous organizations are subsequently…