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  • PM Network

    Erasing Boundaries

    By Khelifi, Yasmina As more projects have a global scope and scale, it's increasingly common for project professionals to manage stakeholders around the world, juggling time zones, technologies, languages and other…

  • PM Network

    Desfazer fronteiras

    By Khelifi, Yasmina À medida que um número maior de projetos ganha escopo e escala globais, fica cada vez mais comum profissionais de projeto gerenciarem partes interessadas em todo o mundo, fazendo malabarismos com…

  • PM Network

    Sin fronteras

    By Khelifi, Yasmina Amedida que aumentan los proyectos de alcance y escala mundial, es más frecuente que los profesionales de proyecto trabajen con interesados de todo el mundo, para lo cual deben considerar las zonas…

  • PM Network

    Guiding Force

    PM Network queries the project management community about building leadership skills and maintaining a responsive team environment.

  • PM Network

    Força condutora

    Perguntamos à comunidade de gerenciamento de projetos: Como você desenvolve habilidades de liderança e mantém um ambiente de equipe responsivo?

  • PM Network

    Fuerza guía

    PM Network consulta a la comunidad de gestión de proyectos sobre cómo desarrollar habilidades de liderazgo y mantener un entorno de equipo receptivo.

  • PM Network

    Pushover No More

    By Hurt, Karin Many project managers have allowed their teams to slide—choosing to be liked at the expense of achieving results. Once you've gained a reputation for letting slackers slide, it can be tricky to get…

  • PM Network

    Custom Connections

    By Bishel, Ashley Tight deadlines and new teams. The combination can seem like oil and water to project managers tasked with getting a project started—and swiftly—while trying to seed team cohesion and engagement.…

  • Project Management Journal

    Conflict Management, Team Coordination, and Performance within Multicultural Temporary Projects member content locked

    By Akhavan Tabassi, Amin | Abdullah, Aldrin | Bryde, David The purpose of our study is to enhance the understanding of relationships between conflict management style, team coordination, and performance in multicultural project team contexts. We investigate…

  • PMI Sponsored Research

    Balancing Person-Centric and Team-Centric Leadership in Projects

    By Müller, Ralf | Drouin, Nathalie This white paper explores person-centric and team-centric approaches to leadership in managing projects, and extends current research work on leadership by broadening the scope from person-centric…