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  • PM Network

    Lições dos projetos mais influentes

    By Prashara, Sunil Aqui estão muitas lições tiradas dos projetos mais influentes. Retiramos dez delas da lista dos 50 melhores. Incentivamos você a considerar (e até circular) suas próprias lições. O que é influente…

  • PM Network

    10 Lecciones de los proyectos más influyentes

    By Prashara, Sunil Son muchas las lecciones que se pueden aprender de los Proyectos más influyentes. Hemos seleccionado 10 lecciones de la lista de los 50 proyectos principales. Lo invitamos a considerar e incluso…

  • PM Network

    10 Lessons of the Most Influential Projects

    By Prashara, Sunil There are many lessons to be found in the Most Influential Projects. We've pulled out 10 of them from the Top 50 list. We encourage you to consider (and even circulate) your own lessons. What's…

  • PM Network

    Sem Saída

    By Fister Gale, Sarah O pânico percorreu a indústria do petróleo em 2015 quando o preço do barril caiu a menos de USD 40. Projetos de exploração de petróleo eram interrompidos, empresas perdiam dinheiro e líderes globais…

  • PM Network

    Por un barril

    By Fister Gale, Sarah En 2015, el pánico se desató en la industria del petróleo cuando el precio bajó de los US$40 por barril. Los proyectos de exploración petrolera se detuvieron, las empresas perdieron dinero y los…

  • PM Network

    Over a Barrel

    By Fister Gale, Sarah Panic coursed through the oil industry in 2015 when prices plunged below US$40 per barrel. Oil exploration projects ground to a halt, companies were bleeding money, and global oil industry leaders…

  • PM Network

    Sequencing Made Simpler

    By Garza, Amelia Talk about a lessons learned database. U.S. construction and engineering giant Bechtel has been in business for 120 years, with some 25,000 construction projects under its belt—many of them…

  • PM Network

    Double the Benefits

    By Karn, Susan J. Like many later-career project managers, I grew into the role from a technical specialization. I was a young scientist in corporate R&D when I started managing projects 27 years ago. In 2008, I…

  • PM Network

    Sudden Impact

    PM Network asks the project management community: When you start a new job or join a new team, how do you quickly acquire knowledge or earn respect?

  • PM Network

    Don't Skip A Beat

    Project managers from all over the world answer the question: "How do you get new team members up to speed midproject?"