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    Best of Both registered user content locked

    By Graetsch, Ulrike Maria When leaders at rapidly growing organizations establish a project management office (PMO), they're often seeking better control over which projects are started, more oversight of projects in…

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    Cruising Altitude registered user content locked

    By Schur, Matt A PMO Standardized practices and upgraded talent to push an aerospace company to new heights.

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    Lean into Savings registered user content locked

    By Fister Gale, Sarah Lean practices have been working miracles in manufacturing for decades, driving early adopters, most notably Toyota, to the top of their markets. Given that track record, lean processes are now…

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    Common tongue registered user content locked

    By Mustafa, Abid Introducing a corporate-wide project management methodology in organizations with distributed project management offices (PMOs) can be a daunting task. It's further complicated by the fact that some…

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    Growing pains registered user content locked

    By Pattrick, Dean The mobile phone market moves fast, and industry suppliers must keep up to stay in business. This article features the head of the project management office for a mobile phone supplier who discusses…

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    Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, Rome, Italy registered user content locked

    By Fister Gale, Sarah To establish a standard methodology for managing its projects, information technology firm Engineering Ingegneria Informatica--which operates 11 companies divided among 40 branches and run by 6,300…

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    Show off registered user content locked

    By Gietl, Sharon Lecturing about the importance of project management is often an exercise in preaching to the choir: Rarely do conversations lead to immediate acceptance and support from project management…

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    Local flavor registered user content locked

    By Rajvanshi, Kapil Managing projects across cultures can give rise to many challenges. And one of the most critical is the capability to manage a project in ways that respect the local business culture. This article…

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    Liberating the agency registered user content locked

    By Boschetto, Laurence Project management processes not only enable organizations to better manage their initiatives but also help them to develop and implement those operational procedures that improve enterprise…

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    Market climbers registered user content locked

    By Troxel, Charlie Project management practices have enabled many organizations to achieve significant results from their change and improvement initiatives. This article--authored by the managing director and chief…


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