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    Ponto cego

    By Smits, Karen Os gerentes de projeto com quem falo concordam: A cultura é importante no gerenciamento de projetos. Ela influencia a qualidade do trabalho, a comunicação com as partes interessadas, os resultados…

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    Punto ciego

    By Smits, Karen Todos los directores de proyecto con los que hablo están de acuerdo en lo siguiente: la cultura es importante en el área de la dirección de proyectos. Influye en la calidad del trabajo, la…

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    Blind Spot

    By Smits, Karen Project managers I talk with all agree: Culture is important in project management. It influences the quality of work, the communication with stakeholders, the results of teamwork and so much more.…

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    Influencia positiva

    By Smits, Karen Un propósito principal del liderazgo de proyecto es crear una cultura de proyecto. Estas culturas se forman en primer lugar a través del proceso de crear una identidad de grupo pequeño. Al compartir…

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    Influência positiva

    By Smits, Karen Um objetivo principal da liderança do projeto é criar uma cultura de projeto. Essas culturas são formadas em primeiro lugar através do processo de criação de uma identidade de pequenos grupos. Ao…

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    Positive Influence

    By Smits, Karen A primary purpose of project leadership is to create a project culture. Such cultures are formed first and foremost through the process of creating a small-group identity. Sharing the project's goal…

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    Fill the Vacuum

    By Oyvetsky, Marat It's an odd thing to note in 2018: At many organizations, there's a project leadership vacuum. I see this in many IT business units I encounter. There are plenty of projects in motion, of course.…

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    The Customer Within

    Customer focus is a common and beneficial mantra in many organizations, but the term "customer" is usually interpreted as someone outside the company. However, organizations can benefit even more if…

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    Remote Accommodations

    By Khanna, Vimal Kumar A new delivery model has emerged in today's global IT organizations. Software projects are executed by both the main office and a satellite office in another country, with the home office project…

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    Broader Horizons

    By Suryana, Franciscus Cultural savviness is a powerful skill for project managers in the 21st century, because projects frequently span countries or even continents. I learned this lesson firsthand while working abroad…