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    Agile Capacity

    By Parsi, Novid Wrong resources? Right resources at the wrong time? Both can cripple project momentum—and send shock waves across the project portfolio, even threatening the organization's bottom line. And the…

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    Time Change

    Less might be more when it comes to workweeks. Organizations that have abandoned the standard five-day, 40-hour-a-week template in favor of an abbreviated work schedule are touting higher…

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    Mudança de horário

    Menos pode ser mais quando se trata de dias úteis. As organizações que abandonaram o modelo padrão de cinco dias e 40 horas por semana em favor de um horário de trabalho abreviado estão se…

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    Capacidade ágil

    By Parsi, Novid Recursos errados? Recursos certos na hora errada? Ambos podem prejudicar a dinâmica do projeto e enviar ondas de choque por todo o portfólio de projetos, ameaçando até os resultados da organização.…

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    Capacidad ágil

    By Parsi, Novid ¿Recursos incorrectos? ¿Recursos correctos en el momento incorrecto?Ambas cosas pueden restarle impulso al proyecto y repercutir en el portafolio de proyectos, llegando incluso a poner en riesgo los…

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    Cambio de horario

    Menos puede ser más en lo que se refiere a la semana laboral. Las organizaciones que han abandonado el esquema de la semana laboral de cinco días y 40 horas a favor de un horario de trabajo…

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    Bring on the Bots

    By Patra, Priya My new best friend in project management is a robot. Ever since I started using software programs last year to automate repetitive work, I have more time to focus on analysis, forecasting and…

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    State of Mind

    Organizations are launching projects to help their workers maintain good mental health. And with good reason: Depression and anxiety cost the global economy an estimated US$1 trillion annually in…

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    Digging Deep

    By Parsi, Novid Iron ore mining projects are on the rise again in Australia. After prices plummeted in 2015, the sector is expected to see an increase in export volumes of iron ore from 847 million metric tons in…

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    Chain Demand

    Manufacturing, retail and logistics executives are clamoring for more real-time, end-to-end transparency of their supply chains. That desire is driving demand for digital supply chain investments,…