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    Agile Capacity

    By Parsi, Novid Wrong resources? Right resources at the wrong time? Both can cripple project momentum—and send shock waves across the project portfolio, even threatening the organization's bottom line. And the…

  • PM Network

    Capacidade ágil

    By Parsi, Novid Recursos errados? Recursos certos na hora errada? Ambos podem prejudicar a dinâmica do projeto e enviar ondas de choque por todo o portfólio de projetos, ameaçando até os resultados da organização.…

  • PM Network

    Capacidad ágil

    By Parsi, Novid ¿Recursos incorrectos? ¿Recursos correctos en el momento incorrecto?Ambas cosas pueden restarle impulso al proyecto y repercutir en el portafolio de proyectos, llegando incluso a poner en riesgo los…

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    Respect from the start

    By Scott, Lindsay Project professional Lindsay Scott fields questions concerning developing a strong reputation, switching sectors, and when to train in agile.

  • PM Network

    People power

    By Fewell, Jesse An agile project manager is expected to recognize human responsibility and lead accordingly. Agile can help deliver a project and help make the most of the talented people behind the projects. This…