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    Banishing Bottlenecks

    By Ingram, Bruce Bottlenecks can have punishing consequences on projects—and their teams. Whether the source of the logjam is a person, a process or a resourcing backlog, teams can get stuck in project limbo when…

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    Eliminación de cuellos de botella

    By Ingram, Bruce Los cuellos de botella pueden tener consecuencias de alto costo para los proyectos y sus equipos. Ya sea que la fuente del obstáculo sea una persona, un proceso o un backlog de recursos, los equipos…

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    Eliminar gargalos

    By Ingram, Bruce Gargalos podem ter consequências penosas nos projetos - e em suas equipes. Quer a origem do impasse seja uma pessoa, um processo ou uma carteira de recursos, as equipes podem ficar presas no limbo…

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    Power Play

    By Fister Gale, Sarah India's skyrocketing growth is only matched by its surging demand for energy—expected to roughly double over the next two decades. With India on pace to consume more than 10 percent of the global…

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    Going to Extremes

    By Fister Gale, Sarah Blistering desert heat. Arctic chill. Middle-of-nowhere sites. When projects happen in extreme environments, teams face a test of professional skill—and personal will. Embracing a climate of…

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    Celebrating Smaller Delays

    Schedule overruns affected nearly 30 percent of Indian infrastructure projects monitored by the government in 2014. By 2018, that had dropped to under 20 percent, even as the number of initiatives…

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    Permit Power

    Permits can stall or accelerate a construction megaproject. A permit issue is even affecting a century-old project—the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain. The project launched in 1882, though less…

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    O poder das licenças

    Licenças podem interromper ou acelerar um megaprojeto de construção. Uma questão de licença está afetando até mesmo um projeto centenário: a Sagrada Família, em Barcelona, Espanha. O projeto foi…

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    Sequencing Made Simpler

    By Garza, Amelia Talk about a lessons learned database. U.S. construction and engineering giant Bechtel has been in business for 120 years, with some 25,000 construction projects under its belt—many of them…

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    Snap Precision

    By Fewell, Jesse If you've worked on agile projects, you've likely heard an agile champion make bizarre statements about estimating a budget and schedule. When you press further for estimates, you might get an even…